Why Is 12 Seater Van Hire The Best Option?

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Passenger or people movers are for rent or hire in Australia for your convenience. You wouldn’t but these so-called large-scale vehicles unless over 12 members are there in your family. Also, these vehicles consume fuel in vast quantities. Therefore, you will benefit from hiring it when you really need it. 

What you would require for fulfilling your travel needs depends on many factors. For example, how many passengers are there to travel? Minibus rental has become a top trend in Australia these days. For these unique travel requirements, you need a vehicle renter that holds a broader vehicle fleet. Lion Car Rentals is your top choice for this aspect!

12 Seater Bus Hire: In most cases, the 12 Seater Van Hire is the best available option at affordable rates. A few vehicle renters offer this van as minibuses. Anyway, differences may exist between these two vehicle classes. For example, a van is a luxury and classy vehicle. Here, we can think of world-famous brands such as Mercedes Benz. 

A minibus, on the other hand, is not luxurious like a van. However, both these vehicle classes can fulfil robust requirements related to transporting passengers in mass numbers. 

A 25 seat bus is a less practical option. Who can drive it? Even if you have over 25 passengers to transport, hiring two 12 seater vans more convenient for it. 

12 Seater Van Hire

  • Apart from the rates or prices, you should focus on the practicality of the choice. For example, you may hire two 6 seater cars to transport 12 passengers. However, you need two drivers for it. 
  • 12 seater van hire comes with added advantages such as it is a compact and classy vehicle option. 
  • Moreover, even a general car driver can operate the van conveniently. 
  • When compared to other mass passenger transport vehicles, these vans are affordable to hire or rent. 

Availability Is A Top Benefit: In Melbourne, hundreds of vehicle renters are available now. Therefore, when you search for a vehicle for urgent travel needs, this high availability factor becomes your favour. People movers get categorized into many classes today. Even a large-scale bus is a people mover. 

Availability makes this vehicle hire more affordable today. When you choose us for this vehicle hire, you get a first-class van that is in super condition. 

  1. When you book any vehicle for rent or hire basis, make sure it is in good condition. The condition of the vehicle is the factor that guarantees the health and safety of passengers. 
  2. You may run a passenger transport service. You could hire vans or cars from a reliable renter in Melbourne. Therefore, you don’t have to buy expensive minibuses. 
  3. For long-term customers, we give discounts on 12 seater van hire. 

Transporting VIPs & Business Owners: Chauffeurs are the top pick for VIPs and business owners. However, they also have unique travel requirements to fulfil such as company representatives attending business meetings. Booking 2-3 chauffeur cars for this purpose is a massive cost. Also, when the whole group moves in one van, then time and money saved in the long run. As mentioned, you can hire super-luxury vans for this purpose now. With the driver or only the van are the top flexible options to consider. If you don’t want to take the responsibility of driving, then hire the 12 seaters with an experienced driver. 

12 Seater Van Hire

Van Hire Made Easy: Everything proceeds on the Internet today. Therefore, you can hire the preferred vehicle instantly. You can book a vehicle in advance through the reservation facility. A quick tip: during busy or peak seasons of the year, the demand for people movers is high. Thus, make sure you book the car/van in advance. 

Closing Thoughts: 12 seater van hire is a choice that comes with remarkable advantages. However, do your online research and finalize the best vehicle renter. For all your mass passenger transport needs, Lion Car Rentals is the right choice. Contact us today for more information on our flexible vehicle hire service? 

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