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Migrating to Australia is a challenge today. However, thanks to a group of experts called migration lawyers; you can achieve this so-called difficult dream now. We are Demel lawyers, a group of highly-qualified team that is here to help visa applicants in many ways. No matter what is your requirement related to migration, we are able to fulfil it. 

All the visa applicants should choose reputable lawyers for this hectic mission. Are you in the process of choosing the right experts for this aspect? If your answer is “Yes,” then you highly benefit from hiring us for it. In this post, we explain our capacity; let’s get started!

We Are Registered Migration Agents: Australia is a country that is pretty stern about illegal immigrants entering the country. Therefore, the Australian government has set strict rules as immigration laws. Moreover, these rules or regulations are relevant to us, too. When you look for reputable lawyers, make sure they hold the license, which is, in a way, the most crucial factor to confirm in the first hand. Choosing us means this critical factor covered already. 

  • We know Australian immigration from A to Z. 
  • We are full-service Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne; we help applicants throughout the visa processing process. 
  • Our team comprises only well-qualified lawyers. Thus, you get the service from real experts. 
  • Here, you should focus on the service extension. What visa categories do we cover? Well, we cover all and more than that. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

Demel’s Service Extension Explained: Depending on the visa applicant’s requirement, the service we offer gets customized. A quick tip: when considering a permit to say, you will benefit from focusing on highly recommended ones. Anyway, as a visa applicant, you may don’t have a better understanding of those expert topics. Don’t worry! We are here to save your day; we cover:

  1. Working visa or employer-sponsored visas. Or, 457 Visa.
  2. Business visas.
  3. Skilled Visas.
  4. Partner visa and family permit applications. 
  5. Citizenship Matters.
  6. Student Visas.
  7. Refugee or humanitarian protection seeking. 
  8. Complexes immigration issues; character matters, health issues, PIC 4020, and schedule 3.

Well, that is not all. Other than offering those comprehensive visa application process services, we provide many other aids:

  1. Migration Advisory Services.
  2. Legal Advice.
  3. Ministerial Intervention Requests. 

Well, you could be a visa applicant who looks for other law services that are not migration law services. We are a full-service lawyer; hence, we offer aids such as conveyancing, family law matters, and many more. For more information on the broadness of our areas of practice, scan our service pages! 

Our Immigration lawyer Melbourne Service/Process: When compared to other law firms, we are complete. You can witness this completeness when scanning our company website. For example, under all visa options, we have included an online form. Therefore, you don’t meet to meet us in person during the initial stages. 

  • Fill the online form and send us; we will get back to ASAP. 
  • Or, you may contact us over the phone and get a date/time for a sit-down meeting at our office. A quick tip: meeting us in person comes with many advantages; it’s not a time and money waste. 
  • You may have a specific Australian visa in your mind. Anyway, it may not suit you. In such cases, we analyze your eligibility in detail, then suggest you the right visas including the advantages of applying got it. 
  • From our side, we make sure that we keep our knowledge up to date. So, you don’t need to worry over any changes to Australian immigration law.

Demel’s Immigration Lawyer Melbourne Service Is Affordable: Anybody living in the Melbourne CBD can pick us today. We know that your budget on this aspect has limitations. Therefore, we stick to the most-convenient price range “affordable” for all. A quick tip: depending on the applied visa category, charges may vary. The fact that we are full-service immigration lawyers in Melbourne saves your time and money in the long run. Also, we don’t leave you at the halfway point. 

  1. From start to finish, we guide you via our expert service. 
  2. Australian immigration law is one of the robust laws in the world. As a result, only well-qualified lawyers or law firms can do any better for visa applicants. Through our full-team, we are able to do it for you. 
  3. Some migration lawyers in Melbourne use this so-called “difficult” factor to charge more money from clients. Anyway, Demel is a law firm that gives priority to client satisfaction, too. We know how much you can afford for this valuable service. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

Our Vision That Makes Visa Applicants Winners: Well, any service provider would start what they offer to clients for making money. Anyway, our immigration lawyer Melbourne service comes with deeper thoughts. As immigration lawyers, we know how hard visa applicants try to get a valid permit to stay in Australia. Registered migration agents have to be more flexible for clients now. 

What makes us different in this aspect is the fact that we give full attention to client satisfaction. From the first time you meet us at our office, then until you get the Australian visa, we keep you happy about choosing us.

Unfortunately, a few visa applicants fall for fake immigration lawyers. Those lawyers are here to earn more money, but they give zero priority to your success. Demel Lawyers, on the other hand, puts “earning money” in the second place. 

Some Final Words: So, are you happy with our explanation now? The areas we cover as immigration lawyer Melbourne service is the broadest. Since we cover other areas too, nobody can beat us in terms of “full-service” factor. 

It is best if you meet us in person, but filling the online form and sending it to us is sufficient in the early stages. In conclusion, we are one of the best migration lawyers in the Melbourne region. Contact us today for more information! 

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